Italy - Veneto

One of Italy's largest wine producing regions, and is situated in North-East Italy. The region extends from the Austrian border in the Venetian Alps down to the River Po and from Lake Garda in the West to Venice and Adriatic.

Wide ranges of wines are produced but the most famous are still the red Bardolino and Valpolicella and the white Soave. Although most wines of Veneto have found their way to the UK quite a few are still to be discovered, but there is little doubt that their style makes them ideal partners to not only typical ethnic cuisine, but traditional British foods too.

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Product Description: Mixed Berry Fruit flavoured Alcoholic Ready to Drink.
CWF Brand Information: Cheeky Mix is a quirky cocktail continuing to sweeping the nation. Already a firm favourite with the UK's student population, it is created by combining a Blue ready-to-drink with a shot of Port to give a mixed berry fruit flavour drink, served with plenty of ice.
Styles: Mixed berry fruit
Alcohol Content: 5% vol
Case Size: 6 x 70cl
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