Italy - Sardinia

Once known for its powerful, sweet wines, Sardinia followed Sicily in completely over hauling its wine production in the 1960’s and now offers a wide range of quality wines of differing styles, which are increasing in popularity.

The recent development of the island (with help from the Aga Khan), as a popular holiday resort has resulted in Sardinian wines becoming increasingly in demand.

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Product Description: Mixed Berry Fruit flavoured Alcoholic Ready to Drink.
CWF Brand Information: Cheeky Mix is a quirky cocktail continuing to sweeping the nation. Already a firm favourite with the UK's student population, it is created by combining a Blue ready-to-drink with a shot of Port to give a mixed berry fruit flavour drink, served with plenty of ice.
Styles: Mixed berry fruit
Alcohol Content: 5% vol
Case Size: 6 x 70cl
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