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At the foot of the Tusculan hills at the heart of the most prestigious area for the production of Frascati wines lies Cantine Cerquetta. This reputable winery was formed in 1793 and the wine production activity continues today under the passionate supervision of Vincenzo Ciuffa, winemaker and owner.

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Frascati Superiore DOC Satin Bottle 'Colle Fiorito'

Origin: Lazio, Italy
Grapes: Trebbiano and Malvesia
Tasting Notes:This noble wine is produced with grapes harvested from the finest districts of Frascati DOC, carefully selected and expertly blended. The wine has a light straw colour, delicately fruity flavours and a dry velvety smooth finish.
Food Pairing: The perfect accompaniment to seafood, hors d'oeuvres, white meats and fish.
Alcohol Content: 12% vol
Case Size: 12 x 75cl
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Frascati DOC Superiore Cerquetta Selection Antico Cenacolo

Origin: Lazio, Italy
Grapes: Frascati
Tasting Notes:This premium Frascati is the pearl of the Cerquetta portfolio! Its name originates from the tradition of the nuns, the ancient owners of the cellars, who offered the wine during their meetings at the 'Cenacolo Maddelena' Convent. This prestige Frascati has tremendous weight, complexity and an elegant structure. The palate is rich and silky with fruit and light almond overtones, a creamy soft palate and subtle grape and apple aromas.
Alcohol Content: 12.5% vol
Case Size: 6 x 75cl
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