Italy - Alto Adige

Viniculture in this area of south Tyrol known as Alto Adige to the Italians who have held it since 1918, dates back to pre-Roman times.

South Tyrol's unique wine tradition stems from a successful fight against geography to achieve superb quality. Hillsides so steep, grapes must be brought down by cable, where roots must fight for nutrients from swiftly draining slopes, provoke the wine into producing few but finer grapes. Nowadays, connoisseurs worldwide are increasingly hailing south Tyrol's white wines as one of the discoveries of the Century.

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Product Description: Mixed Berry Fruit flavoured Alcoholic Ready to Drink.
CWF Brand Information: Cheeky Mix is a quirky cocktail continuing to sweeping the nation. Already a firm favourite with the UK's student population, it is created by combining a Blue ready-to-drink with a shot of Port to give a mixed berry fruit flavour drink, served with plenty of ice.
Styles: Mixed berry fruit
Alcohol Content: 5% vol
Case Size: 6 x 70cl
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