Contract Packaging

CWF contract packaging service offers the ultimate in flexibility to operators looking for different solutions for their drinks business requirements.

CWF has invested heavily in production and technology facilities over the last two decades and now have a highly efficient bottling capability. CWF has eight packaging lines including dedicated lines for wine 18.7cl / 25cl glass and PET, alcoholic ready to drinks and bag-in-box along with an automated sleeving and packing facility for mixed packs. There is high volume fermentation capacity, stainless steel temperature controlled bulk wine storage available. CWF uses traditional British winemaking practices such as Flor fermentation.

Bulk wines have been bottled in 18.7cl PET format since 2001 and is one of the leading UK bottling specialists for PET. CWF was also the first packer in the UK to introduce a nitrogen flush facility to reduce oxygen contamination in bag-in-box products. CWF are the leading contract packer in the UK for customer exclusive label alcoholic ready to drinks.

Glass filling options include 18.7cl, 20cl, 25cl, 27.5cl, 35cl, 50cl, 70cl, 100cl, 150cl and 200cl.

Onsite bonded facilities cater for 200, 000 cases managed with a Sanderson HMC&E approved computerised system.

Contract Packaging – Technical Specifications

Fully automated bag-in-box filler
Full breadth of packaging configurations available from 2 litre to 10 litre. Vitop or high shroud press tap.
We offer both metallised and / or high barrier clear bags

24 and 48 x 18.7cl PET
Ability to run 18.7cl, 25cl and 75cl in PET format
Stelcap finish bottles with carton and shrink-wrap options
Wet glue or self adhesive labelling available

6 x 75cl Glass and PET
75cl stelvin closures available
Automatic shrink-wrapping
Wet glue or self adhesive labelling available

12 x 25cl and 24 x 18.7cl Glass
Contracts packed on a dedicated line
Stelcap finish bottles with carton and shrink-wrap options
Wet glue or self adhesive labelling available

24 x 275ml and 6 x 70cl Alcoholic RTDs
Dedicated high volume output line
Wet glue and self adhesive labelling available
Dedicated packing facility for RTD mixed / party packs

6 x 70cl Speciality Drinks
We can pack a wide range of speciality drinks at 21.5% and 17.5% ABV, developed and packaged on site.
Versatile packaging options are available. We have a dedicated sleeving line and work with a number of leading bottle decorators to offer bespoke finishes
Self-adhesive labelling and stelcap closures available

New Product Development

The NPD team at CWF is made up of a number of talented sales & marketing, technical and production professionals who pride themselves on their ability to bring innovative, good quality products to market in just a few weeks.

The NPD department can handle a diverse range of projects and works closely with suppliers from flavour houses and packaging manufacturers to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest trends and innovations.

This market knowledge is essential to the success of any product. The team is creative and insightful and combines this with a strong understanding of the commercial realities of launching a new product. Through meeting regularly to research and analyse market trends, our NPD professionals ensure that they always have an in depth knowledge of what types of products will offer the best return, whether it be new drink styles, up and coming flavours or packaging formats.

For operators looking for a one-stop shop approach to new product development, CWF has the answer. The NPD team offers retailers and independent groups a complete service from working on new liquids through to providing label designs and sourcing packaging materials.


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