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Introducing CWF - UK Drinks Supplier

  • Leading wine and alcoholic drinks importer, producer, bottler, wine supplier and distributor.
  • Focus on quality, innovation & service.
  • Substantial bonded manufacturing and winery facility.
  • Extensive product range of still & sparkling wines, fortified wine, ready to drinks and speciality mixer drinks.
  • Dedicated NPD team for innovation and bespoke product solutions.
  • Blue chip trading partners across both On and Off Trade including all major multiple retail groups, independent cash & carry and wholesale trade.
  • Worldwide product sourcing from Eire, Europe, South Americas and Australia.
  • Exclusive Agency relationships.
  • Extensive range of Glass and PET packaging options from 18.7cl, 25cl, 70cl, 75cl, 1 Litre, 1.5 litre, Bag-in-Box (in all sizes) and bulk supply.
  • BRC Accreditation.
  • Major audit approval from Tesco, Asda, Constellation and more.
  • Uk based drinks distributor & supplier and specialist drinks wholesaler.

Setting the Standard

CWF strives to maintain the highest standards through all levels of its business. Proof of this is provided by a number of independent quality audit standards that we have achieved over recent years, after meeting exacting criteria and successfully passing rigorous inspection programmes. Our aim is to consistently provide our customers and their consumers with excellent quality products.

The quality audit standards that we have achieved are:

CMi Certificate of Conformity BRC Global Standard – Certification Grade A

STS Approval Standard

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Italian Wines

Brindisi Rosso D.O.C.

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